Become An Instructor

Transform yourself into someone who helps others transform themselves.
Freedom Group Exercise Instructor Workshops include:
  • Comprehensive 2-day in-person workshop with Freedom Group Exercise Master Trainer
  • Hands-on learning on the science and art of effective group exercise instruction
  • Multiple, individualized observed practice tracks and feedback over the 2 days, including individualized strengths and improvement points
  • Option to audit and fully participate in the Workshop (without presenting) as an Advanced Participant (please see below)
  • Evaluation of your post-Workshop submission video
  • Complete Freedom Group Exercise Instructor Workshop Manual with group exercise instruction principles, exercise examples, class formats, templates and more
  • ACE: 1.3 CECs (the highest number of ACE credits for a mixed fitness workshop in the US)
  • AFAA: 14.0 CECs (the highest number of AFAA credits for a mixed fitness workshop in the US)
  • NASM: 14.0 CECs (the highest number of NASM credits for a mixed fitness workshop in the US)
  • Downloadable classes from start to finish with complete videos & music files
  • Optional access to 400+ proprietary Freedom Group Exercise Video Library of classes, routines and modules you can start plugging in right away to keep your classes fresh, packed and challenging for your participants
  • Freedom community and support: “Instructor-only” Facebook group with job postings, teaching tips, discounts on clothing & equipment, marketing materials and your own listing on our webpage in our searchable “Classes” section
  • Complete Playlists, including original music and remixes by in-house music producer DJ BANG
  • Everything you need to pack your classes and inspire others to get fit!
Preparing For Your Instructor Workshop

Approximately two weeks prior to your training date, you will receive a welcome email giving you access to the complete training video for your first one-hour Freedom Barre or BANG Power Dance class. The video is divided into “tracks”, each representing one segment of the class. You will be asked to prepare one “track,” or routine, from the current Freedom Barre or BANG Power Dance release.

In your email you will find your personal track assignment so you’ll have time to practice and prepare before the workshop. You will have two opportunities to present your track during the weekend with other instructor trainees as your “participants”.

Just finished my Freedom Barre training… I’m speechless… It’s more than I ever expected. I am blessed to be a part of this.

– Certified BANG Instructor / Freedom Barre Trainee, February 2017

Instructor Subscriptions and Video Library

As a trainee or certified instructor, you will be enrolled as a Freedom Barre or BANG Subscriber, which includes regular releases of the latest, all-new full-length class of choreography every 3 months and access to music for the format(s) you are certified in for only $11/month for each format.

At your training, you will also have the option to purchase access to the complete music/video library of current and prior releases, which can be accessed anywhere WiFi is available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This video library provides you 400+ routines you can start plugging in to your classes right away to keep them fresh and challenging for your participants.

To maintain active Instructor status, Instructors must keep their subscription current.

Instructors have the option to freeze their subscription for up to one year.

Vimeo FGE library

I thank you and Freedom for everything you have done for me. I am a different (and hopefully better) person than I was 3 years ago. Couldn’t have done it without this unique approach to group fitness.

– Certified BANG Instructor, February 2017

Instructor Up-Skilling Sessions

Both Freedom Barre and BANG will offer regular on-site, half-day up-skilling sessions. Please check back for these up-skilling sessions on our Instructor Workshops page.

These 4-hour mini-workshops will cover key technique touch points in the latest release, and give instructors an opportunity to practice their delivery of the program, and receive feedback from Freedom trainers.

Freedom Group Exercise Facebook Groups

Also included in your subscription is access to the Instructors-only Freedom Group Exercise Instructor/Trainee Group page for teaching tips, ideas, clothing, accessories and details on upcoming events and job openings — everything instructors need to know to grow their careers, rock their classes and change the world, one class and one participant at at time!

The private Instructor/Trainee group is separate from and in addition to the public BANG Power Dance & Freedom Barre Facebook page, which anyone can join, that highlights our upcoming events, news, trainings, apparel, equipment and discussions.


We aim to take group fitness to new heights and a huge part of that is our music.

We create and select a custom mix of existing and original music, remixes and beats designed to sync perfectly and inspiringly with our choreography, including exclusive original music and remixes by our in-house producer DJ BANG and a team of in-house composers and producers.

All Freedom Barre and BANG music is available on iTunes© by original artists and our exclusive original music and remixes are included with your subscription.

“Advanced Participants”

We believe in encouraging people to exercise and to aspire to be an instructor if they so desire. We allow enthusiastic participants to audit our Instructor Workshops. These individuals are known as “Advanced Participants” and they attend the workshop to learn everything there is to know about the techniques and execution of Freedom Barre or BANG, but they are not required to prepare tracks.

Advanced Participants have the ability to subscribe to our quarterly releases to have access to our videos 24/7. The registration process, cost for auditing the workshop and subscription prices are the same.

That was an exceptionally talented group of people this weekend which a person can only feed off of. Now I know why it’s a two-day workshop. It has to be. Some programs you can do in a day, but this was a whole new level, and as I had said before I thought you and your team did an outstanding job. Professional, well-organized, very friendly and open, yet disciplined at the same time.

– Freedom Barre Trainee, February 2017