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Freedom Barre


Freedom Barre ® is a music-driven, ballet-inspired group exercise class. Choreographed to current hits, classic Motown, jazz, classical  and original music produced by in-house producer DJ BANG, Freedom Barre strikes the perfect balance of ballet aesthetic and modern fitness techniques.

Graceful but intense, Freedom Barre uses a ballet aesthetic to combine the key elements you need for a fully toned and balanced body: StrengthBalance and Flexibility. With three degrees of intensity to accommodate all levels of ability and experience, you’ll fall in love with the magic and the muscle of barre from your very first class.

Freedom Barre is the exclusive barre format for all US Fitness brands and locations, branded as “BarreOne, powered by Freedom Barre”. US Fitness is the 9th largest health club company in the US, managing health clubs under the Onelife Fitness, Sport&Health and Crunch Fitness brands.

BANG Power Dance

BANG Power Dance is an urban-inspired mixed-fitness group exercise class. Named for the signature “5-4-3-2-BANG!” group countdown during the peak song of the class, BANG is a unique fusion of boxing, aerobics, intervals, hip hop, world dance and bodyweight training. Jumpstart your workout with a “BANG” and take your fitness to a whole new level!

The workout can be enhanced with optional 1/2 lb. weighted gloves. We offer washable BANG weighted gloves or you can bring your own.

Choreographed to current hits and our own licensed music produced by our in-house producer, DJ BANG — BANG will inspire you to get fierce and move! Using our industry-first Track OrganizerBANG Instructors teach our moves to iTunes music and our exclusive licensed “clean-version” music from DJ BANG. All songs are color-coded so instructors can tailor their classes for venues and participants.

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•  Carefully-designed classes from start to finish, including intervals of higher and lower intensity

•  Selected track, choreography and music options for tailoring classes to your style, venue and participants

•  New video/music releases every 3 months to keep things fresh

•  Perfect sync to our custom mixes and music, including exclusive original music and remixes by our in-house producer DJ BANG

•  Instructor access to our video library of 400+ routines for plugging in to classes right away

•  Lowest-cost 2-Day mixed fitness/dance fitness instructor workshops in the US

•  Highest available CEC/CEU creditavailable for a fitness instructor workshop in the US

•  Lowest-cost instructor and consumer subscription prices on the market (training reimbursement where available)

•  NO CHARGE to gyms for programming our classes, unlike many other group exercise programs

Our programs are taught in hundreds of classes per week including selected Gold’s Gym, YMCA, Sport&Health, Crunch Fitness, US Fitness, Onelife Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, ACAC and US military locations, along with a host of other partner community centers, gyms and dance studios in the US and around the world.

What is a BANG class like?

Check out our latest teaser and some sample tracks.

What is a Freedom Barre class like?

Check out a warm-up and some sample tracks.

Freedom Barre & BANG at your gym?

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We do a lot of workouts on this program. BANG is my favorite.

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