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Freedom Group Exercise is a family of joyful, effective, easy-to-follow group fitness programs.

We provide choreography, music, instructor certification and education and support.  Programming for gyms is free.

Our workout formats/classes are Freedom BANG™, Freedom Barre, Freedom RISEand the upcoming Freedom LIFT.





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And we're just getting started.  In January 2019, we launched our 3rd format.


Urban-inspired pre-choreographed Bench aerobics.


Check out the
 RISE announcement in our Blog and watch our Facebook Page for more info!


 freedom LIFT

Why Freedom?


  • Carefully-designed classes from start to finish, including intervals of higher and lower intensity
  • We are an INCLUSIVE company. We design our classes for EVERYBODY – any age, any body type, any skill level – from brand new to pro, whoever you are, wherever you live
  • Consistent, compelling in-class experiences, week after week, wherever the location
  • Perfect sync to our custom and sometimes exclusive music selected by our founders and mixed by our in-house music producer DJ FREEDOM – Authentic hip hop, Indian Bhangra, Reggaeton, Moombahton, Future Funk, Gospel, original Debussy/classical composers (for Freedom Barre), world dance, and many other songs and exclusive remixes
  • New classes every 3 months to keep things fresh
  • Unique mix of fitness modes and musical genres in each class. A great variety of something for everyone. (No more punching bags or jumping on steps for 60 minutes straight.)
  • Lowest-cost online workout subscription prices in the US


  • Industry-leading instructor training quality
  • Selected track, choreography and music options for tailoring classes to individual teaching style, venue and participants
  • Instructor access to our video library of 400+ routines for plugging in to classes right away
  • Lowest-cost instructor training prices in the US (up to 300% lower than other formats)
  • Highest available ACE (2019) and AFAA CEC/CEU credits available for a fitness instructor workshop in the US
  • Lowest-cost instructor subscription prices in the US (training reimbursement where available)


  • Program-leading attendance numbers, week after week, venue after venue
  • Industry-leading instructor training quality
  • NO CHARGE to gyms for offering our classes, unlike many other group exercise programs

Our classes are taught in hundreds of classes per week, including EōS FitnessYMCA, Sport&Health, Gold’s Gym,  Crunch Fitness, US FitnessOnelife Fitness24 Hour FitnessXSportACAC, US military locations, along with a host of other partner community centers, gyms, and dance studios in the US and around the world.

Our Workouts

Freedom BANG is a mixed fitness group exercise class with HIIT training and some serious attitude.

Named for the signature “5-4-3-2-BANG!” group countdown during the peak song of the class, BANG is a unique fusion of boxing, cardio, HIIT, hip-hop, world dance, and body weight training in a pre-choreographed class that changes every 3 months to keep things fresh.

Three levels of intensity means BANG is for anyone who just wants to move, sweat and have fun. Any age, any body shape, any fitness level.

The BANG workout can be enhanced with optional 1/2 lb. weighted gloves. We offer washable BANG weighted gloves – click here or you can bring your own.

Choreographed to current hits and our own licensed music produced by our in-house producer DJ Freedom — BANG will inspire you to get fierce and move! Using our industry-first Track Organizer, BANG Instructors teach our moves to iTunes music and our exclusive licensed “clean-version” music from DJ Freedom. All songs are color-coded so instructors can tailor their classes for venues and participants.

Jumpstart your workout with a “BANG”! Join us! Have fun and take your fitness level to the next level!


BANG Teaser/Trailer

“Get Your Dance On”
BANG Release #16 (Nov 2018)

“Y’All Get Back”
BANG Release #15 (Aug 2018)

Introduction to BANG


Freedom Barre is a ballet-inspired strength, flexibility and balance workout. Freedom Barre is not your Mom’s barre class. No tutus here, but plenty of muscle.

Combining great music – from authentic classical to pop – and effective exercises using light weights, body weight training and barres (where available) – Freedom Barre gives you a fully toned and balanced body.

Freedom Barre is for anyone and everyone, whether you’re a long-time dancer or you haven’t pointed your toe since you were six years old.

Graceful but intense, Freedom Barre uses a ballet aesthetic to combine the key elements you need for a fully toned and balanced body: StrengthFlexibility and Balance. With three degrees of intensity to accommodate all levels of ability and experience, you’ll fall in love with the magic and the muscle of barre from your very first class.

Freedom Barre is pre-choreographed and can be taught in both a barre-equipped and barre-less studio. We follow the highest industry standard, releasing a new class every 3 months to keep things fresh.

Branded as “BarreOne”, Freedom Barre is the exclusive barre format for US Fitness, the 9th largest health club company in the US, managing health clubs under the Onelife Fitness, Sport&Health and Crunch Fitness brands.

Strength.   Flexibility.   Balance.

Introduction to Freedom Barre

“Heat of the Night”
Freedom Barre Release #14 (Aug 2018)

“Yardie Bone”
Freedom Barre Release #14 (Aug 2018)

“Bad Girls” Donna Summer
Freedom Barre Release #15 (Nov 2018)

Our Music

We aim to take group fitness to new heights and a huge part of that is our music.

We try our best to offer music that’s noticeably better than the usual often sped-up and poorly mixed fitness remixes that can be common in group exercise. We hunt the world for the most authentic and unique songs in various genres and sub-genres.

Our classes not only offer the best workouts – they offer new, great authentic music and remixes you probably haven’t heard in a group fitness class before as well as a glimpse into various cultures, dances and fitness styles!

  • Rap, including US, Israeli and Korean
  • African hip hop, Afropop and Afrobeat
  • Island Moombahton & Reggaeton
  • American hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, gospel and jazz
  • Indian Bhangra
  • European pop
  • Latin, Afro-Cuban, salsa, rumba and tango
  • Chinese Pop & K-Pop
  • Arabic Hip Hop
  • Traditional classical and orchestral music
  • World dance and beats
  • Exclusive remixes in every new release

Our music is designed to sync perfectly and inspiringly with our choreography, including selected exclusive original music and remixes by our in-house producer DJ FREEDOM.

All Freedom Barre and Freedom BANG music is available on iTunes© by original artists and our exclusive original music and remixes are included with your subscription.

“BANG has basically changed my life.”

BANG participant

April, 2018

“I’m not a dancer but Freedom Barre is so different than the other barre classes out there. Some ballet but not too much. And I love the variety of music in every class!”

Freedom Barre participant

June, 2018


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