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Last update:  October 6, 2020

1. Freedom Group Exercise (FGE) Response to COVID-19

During the Governor of Maryland’s stay-at-home order and in compliance with national COVID-19 response guidelines, FGE announced at the beginning of May 2020 that FGE would be placing its “in-person” operations on temporary hiatus – as did the majority of our gym/venue partners – in compliance with the law.

We put a hold on all in-person trainings, rehearsals and release tapings, and decided to funnel our efforts in the short term to our ON DEMAND subscription service – which was in need of a major makeover.

The overwhelming majority of our gym partners did likewise – offering ONLY their LIVE, Zoom, app and/or pre-recorded group exercise and personal training offerings during the shutdown and Phase 1, furloughing the majority of their instructors and employees. For our part, we continued to pay our 3 part-time employees during our operational pause, and placed our consultants on pause until we could offer bring them back as soon as our trainings and skills workshops  resumed and/or had virtual resources and trainings in place.

We have been exceptionally grateful for the excellence our employees and consultants have demonstrated, and for those that have expressed their full support for our decision to put health and safety first, and those that continue to do tremendous work in the meantime on our behalf.

Many instructors have found ways to continue the excellent work they do virtually, and some are doing live classes where it is safe and in compliance with their local governments. FGE has created as many teaching options as possible permissible during this difficult time – including teaching our content virtually on Zoom or other applications. For confirmation or guidance on virtual teaching permissions please reach out to our office at info@freedomgroupexercise.com


To help everyone stay fit and uplifted during the quarantine, we’re very excited to offer FGE/BANG Weighted Gloves at ALMOST HALF OFF!

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3. For FGE Instructors: Quarterly Skills Workshops UP AND RUNNING! Updates and Requirement Change

We are thrilled to be offering quarterly Skills Workshops beginning in July 2020!

Many instructors are experiencing financial hardship during this challenging time and we do not wish to place an additional financial burden on them. As such, we are waiving our quarterly Skills Workshop requirement for the foreseeable future.

We are so happy that the availability of the virtual option has been so helpful for those that found distance a challenge in finding a Skills Workshop that was convenient for them to attend. FGE Skills Workshops are also priced more affordably – only $15.00 for a limited time – to help support instructors who may be struggling, while still offering full CEU credits!!

4. Upcoming Online FGE Instructor Trainings and Skills Workshops!!

We had fantastic trainings in July and trainings are scheduled for August, September and October 2020.

NOW IS A FANTASTIC TIME to certify in one of our programs from the comfort, safety and convenience of your home!!!
Please see our Instructor Workshops and Become An Instructor pages for details!

5. Upcoming FGE Instructor Subscriptions!!

We are thrilled to be bringing you NEW RELEASES in 3rd Quarter – end of August 2020!

During our down time we have been hard at work upgrading and optimizing not just our content, but also the way we deliver content to our instructors by fully automating the instructor section of the website. No more credit card info on file!

Each instructor will create a user name and password and keep their account secure and current via our website instructor portal where videos will be available 24/7 and music and support materials can be downloaded directly. Everything in one place at your fingertips!! You choose a credit card or PayPal as your preferred payment method.

Just in time for our August Releases, we will be offering three (3) FGE Instructor libraries via subscriptions: BANG, Freedom Barre and RISE, including song organizers and index. These instructor libraries will contain ONLY our licensed music and content. 

Each of the three upcoming FGE Instructor subscriptions will be only $9.99 per month – yet a further savings from our previous $11.99 per month, which was already the lowest in the industry.

6. Full Music Compliance for Instructors & Gym Partners

GREAT NEWS!!  ALL of FGE’s music is fully licensed!!

We’re thrilled to announce that all of FGE’s custom mixes and original music is in compliance with the standard blanket music license held by most clubs and venues, as well as individual instructors via ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Some gyms’ music licenses extend to their instructor-employees; FGE encourages instructors to understand their individual music licensing situation to ensure they are in compliance with industry, venue and/or individual “consultant” music licensing responsibilities and requirements. 

We have retired content that does not meet our new licensing guidelines and have required instructors to download any content that is no longer current in our instructor library by September 15th, 2020.

We lift each other up.


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